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Steven Young’s Personal Business Philosophy

By Steven T. Young, Jr.

My personal commitment is to provide a service that is fair, honest and dependable. My business goals are long term, meaning that I must make good sound decisions today and know that they will take care of tomorrow. I understand that all of us are human and are prone to make mistakes, but that I always strive to follow the tried and true ‘Golden Rule” to treat others, as I would like to be treated.

I know my services can be offered by others and that my clients have given me the special opportunity and privilege to serve them. I personally feel that God has put us here to serve each other with the special talents that he has given all of us. I feel that through my education and experience I will not only teach others, but I also will learn from everyone I work with.

 I will strive to understand the wants and needs of my clients, by placing their interests first. I also will place myself in their situation; so given the same circumstances, but based on objective knowledge I can give advice that’s sound, safe and profitable.

I understand that my clients are depending on me. In many cases, I will be helping them with the biggest personal investment of their lives. I will always put their interests and needs before mine and enjoy the reward and satisfaction of a job well done.

Residential Realty Group LLC.

Little Rock Arkansas:
16 Dressage Lane
Little Rock, AR 72223
(501) 821-7273 (Office)
(501) 765-7653 (Mobile)
(501) 325-4012 (E-Fax)

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